A really solid morning with beautiful light!

18 January 2016

Fortunately we had some lovely sunshine this morning that stayed with us just about to the end as the forecast was calling for grey skies by mid-morning. We all took full advantage and searched out some great skiing amongst a mountain of wind-damaged snow. (See photos)

The avalanche risk has come down to 3/5 although the goblet still remains in certain areas and will continue to cause problems. Fortunately there has been some serious purging and many slopes have slid naturally and are no longer posing an immediate risk. It would be nice to have enough sun to scout out the entire area so that we can file away which steep areas we can start to think about skiing. Without good visibility is difficult to clearly see what slopes slid during the storm as wind transported snow and fresh snow are covering up the visual clues. When the team spreads out like today and skis different sectors we can start to build a picture of what’s going on out there but we have been limited by wind, flat-light and lift closures.

The only forecast that I can find some sun on is the Avalanche Forecast, which was spot on today, so I’m remaining positive and calling for a bit of light to brighten our day tomorrow. Fingers crossed because if not it may be a little tricky. Stay tuned!

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