Wow, I love those days!

19 January 2016

It was another one of those much-better-than-expected mornings, and they are absolutely the best! A surprising amount of fresh snow fell overnight and for a flat-light day the vis was 10/10, all of which adds up to a cracking good morning and smiles on the faces of all those aboard. (See photos)

It’s been snowing lightly all morning and into the afternoon even though the sun is trying its best to make an appearance, but as I sit here writing this that last thing we want is sunshine this afternoon and the mountain being tracked out while we sit around congratulating ourselves on our morning’s work! If the wind stays away and we get a little visibility tomorrow we should have some options but I’m not going to jinx myself with the ‘high expectation’ routine! Stay tuned!

PS I’d like to give Gareth (who is a cracking nice skier) a mention. It turns out that his Dad Rob plays tennis with my wife Gill every Thursday morning. What a small world!

PSS I twigged my back this morning so I’m off to the gym for some Pilates and stretching. Ahh, it’s less bright and the flakes are a little bigger for the moment. Yahoo!

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