Another fantastic morning enjoyed by all !

22 January 2016

The sun was out again and everyone made the most of it. Andreas went down the valley for a little ‘sniff’ and lunch while Chris and Thomas went off ‘skinning’ together into untested waters. I ‘skinned’ as well and all the teams reported satisfaction, a little adventure and big smiles. (See photos)

With a couple of days of unbroken sunshine it has been possible to have a good look around the mountain, and I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen. There have been massive natural avalanches everywhere and this purging will do wonders for our safety during the rest of the season. The risk has dropped from 4/5 a week ago to 2/5 today, but there are still some areas that are waiting to go and caution is still a must, but the entire situation is much more positive than it was a week ago. Hallelujah!

It was Chris’ last day today and he’s made great progress and has been a real pleasure. He’s also been taking care of Quentin who’s here on his own and it’s always nice to watch people make new friends within the group, and that is a huge part of what Alpine Experience is all about!

We may receive a few flakes overnight and after a murky start we should have another sunny day tomorrow. After three weeks of snow and mostly flat-light this sunshine isn’t too hard to take! Stay tuned!

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