What a lovely morning!

24 January 2016

The sun was out again today and I took my team of Penny, Jean, Tim, George, Suzanne and Louise for a 1 hour-and-thirty-five minute ‘skin’. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and the scenery and ambience were excellent, and the snow was pretty jolly good as well. All in all it was a fantastic morning and bravo to Penny, Jean, Tim and George for a great effort! (See photos)

Meanwhile Chris was skiing with some Americans from Colorado and Andreas had a great morning starting with a couloir off Bellevarde before heading to the Chardonnet and Motte. Henry was in action as well but I’m not too sure what he was skiing.

What a fantastic afternoon of Premiership action yesterday with a fabulous match between Norwich and Liverpool followed by another brilliant game between the Hammers and Man City. I would have taken a point before kick-off but the boys came so close to winning it at the death. What a performance and Leicester and Arsenal fans will be grateful! There were some great goals around the league and Match of the Day would have been a fantastic watch last night!

And thanks very much to Derek, Colin, Peter and Paul who took TJ and I out for drinks at the Fondue Factory followed by a visit to Bananas for dinner. I had a bit of a wobble on my way home and feared the worst but I managed quite nicely this morning!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow although the clouds rolled in this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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