Merry Christmas to you all and all of us at ‘Alpine’

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas to you all and all of us at ‘Alpine’ hope that you’ve really enjoyed your day. We had flat-light, light snow and a punchy fhoen wind to deal with when we were expecting another sunny day. JM, Chris and I stayed low and skied some great snow on the Lavachet and continued down into the forest before ‘skinning’ back out. After that we had a good Familial out near the altiport, where yesterday a light airplane nearly landed on us. It scared the hell out of the pilot as he passed only a few metres above our head. It is forecast to clear tonight and turn a little colder. Ray and I haven’t quite finished our building work but it isn’t because of a lack of trying. Thanks Ray as 27 afternoons in a row is beyond the call of duty! Gill, Millie and Katie arrive tomorrow night, Jean Marc’s family should be here this evening, and Suzanne arrived in London this morning. If there is no update tomorrow it’s because I’m off to Lyon to pick up my little darlings.

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