That was another excellent morning!

25 January 2016

It was another marvellous day and everyone was in the mood this morning. My team were a little weary after yesterday but we still did a ‘double skin’ today to find great snow, beautiful scenery and solitude. TJ and Andreas were also walking today with both teams doing ‘double skins’ as well to to find fantastic skiing and making the absolute most of the morning.

Thomas and Chris are skiing with the Americans, most of who have never been to our stunning domain before, and they’re having a wonderful time. Henry was also in action today and although I saw him this morning I’m still not too sure what he’s up to.

I did quite a bit of coaching this morning within our group and the last three photos (without picking on anyone) are perfect examples of late or non-existing pole plants. You get one chance to link a turn in powder and if the pole is late you miss the moment to make the easy fluid connection from one turn to the next. 99% of skiers are late with their poles and these are good examples.

I might make a bit of a feature and put up some educational shots from time to time to help emphasise technical points that everyone should be thinking about and working on. Do you think I might need to ask permission? (I didn’t today!)

Tomorrow’s forecast is for high thin cloud and we’ll wait and see if it interferes with our visibility or not? Stay tuned!

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