In need of a fresh canvas!

26 January 2016

It was another extremely warm day with the sunshine just diluted slight with a very thin haze high in the sky. It’s still ‘walkies’ time and after a couple of tougher days going uphill I opted for an easier day and a change of scenery. Sunday was fantastic, yesterday was excellent and today I would rate as a solid ‘good’. There is usually a price to pay when you look elsewhere during tough times and although the snow wasn’t as good as the past few days we had a very enjoyable outing. (See photos)

Meanwhile TJ and Andreas were out ‘skinning’ in tested waters and had excellent mornings while Chris was on-piste with his lovely American team. TJ has been skiing with one of the American ladies named Erica, who is absolutely brilliant on her telemarks. Suzanne was extremely impressed and said it was rare to see anyone ski that well. Bravo Erica!

I’d like to thank Clare C for inviting me to dinner last night with her girlfriends. It was a fantastic evening and I was in great company being the only bloke surrounded by Clare, Pascale and their friends Jane and Carol. Lucky me!

Similar weather is forecast again for tomorrow so we’ll make the most of it, but a few flakes would be welcome as we’re now in need of a fresh canvas. Stay tuned!

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