Another jolly good result!

27 January 2016

The sunny weather continued again today and although we need snow, sun is crucial at the moment to make the most of the skiing. TJ, Chris, Andreas, Thomas and I all headed in different directions and everyone ‘skinned’ to get to the best snow, or just for a change of sector and scenery. Everyone had a good day and chapeau to the boys for a fantastic effort and result again today.

It’s been a tough season so far as the skiing has been limited and sometimes repetitious right from the start of the season. Early on because of a lack of snow, then we had too much snow causing a high avalanche on a very unstable base, and then wind and sun damage combined with tracks. Still, I think all the boys have put on a really good show and when people have continuously gone home at the end of their holidays saying that their trip was much better than expected and that they’d had a wonderful time it shows that the team has done a great job. Bravo boys!

We may see a change in weather soon but for the moment it’s just about soldiering on one day at a time. Stay tuned!

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