I really enjoyed that!

28 January 2016

The forecasted clouds arrived this morning but we still had enough light to travel and take on our itineraries. I’m still in ‘code-mode’ but you can tell where I was through the photos, and I thought it was a cracking morning and with the bottom third being much better than expected it was a bonus! Thomas had a big day skiing with Catherine while TJ took on an interesting route with Sylvie and Suzanne. Bravo boys and to everyone involved on those two adventurous trips! Andreas was skiing with some Swedes who aren’t equipped so he’ll have tested out some classics for us while Chris was on-piste with his lovely American group.

The sun is forecast to shine again tomorrow and if we’re lucky we may get a few flakes on Sunday and then again on Wednesday. In the meantime we’ll continue on and do our best to entertain the troops without wearing them out! Stay tuned!

Boo-hoo, it’s TJ’s last day tomorrow!

PS- I ran into Chrissy in the street and she had a fabulous time in Japan. Deep soft snow and she thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. She was on her way to meet Tony W who is going to wear David’s hat in the torchlight parade tonight that is dedicated to ‘Friends lost in the Mountains’. Bravo Tony and Andreas as we’re thinking of not only David but way too many other friends and acquaintances who have fallen victim to the mountains over the years.

And well done to Katie who sang at the O2 last night. Gill said she was the star of the show but considering there were 7000 children there she must have been good!

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