Fingers crossed for snow on Sunday!

29 January 2016

It was quite amazing how quickly a thick blanket of cloud dispersed this morning leaving us in brilliant sunshine by around 10 o’clock. Thank goodness too as without visibility the skiing would be hard going at the moment! All the boys spread out this morning and I went for a change of pace with TJ on his last morning and after a very good opener we ran into some trickier snow than we would have liked. Everyone coped admirably and all in all it was a pretty good morning, although I’ve had easier skiing of late.

There was some rain with a few flakes of snow expected for Sunday but the updated forecast is much more promising. We may get lucky and see up to 30cm’s of snow as we feel the affect of the tail-end of the storm that has been causing so many problems in America. Fingers crossed on that one!

Millie has been the only girl in her school to be invited to Twickenham today for a tour of the stadium and to watch the England team prepare for the Six Nations. She was a little apprehensive about going with a bus load of boys but Katie talked her into it. It should be a fantastic experience for her and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

And a big happy birthday to Chris who tries his best to keep it quiet and perhaps get away without any mention at all, and a big happy birthday to Grandpa Fred as well. Fred loves birthdays because he’ll be taken out for a fabulous meal by his family and pick up a few pressies as well. I can see Fred’s logic although I’m an ‘under the radar’ man myself! Have fun both of you and stay tuned!

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