Last chance before the storm!

30 January 2016

It was our last day of sunshine before some much needed snow and a storm arrive tonight, and the boys all spread out with Chris, Andreas and Thomas heading for Tignes while I ‘skinned’ for a Glacier Pers variation. We had a brilliant wildlife sighting while climbing to the Col as a Chamois popped up in front of us and showed off its rock-climbing prowess. (See photos) We also had a nice view of a Gypete hovering above us in the Glacier Pers but it didn’t come out on my camera. Besides the wildlife show the skiing was pretty jolly good and it was a very pleasant morning.

I’m not sure how the boys got on with their various adventures but I’m sure they made the most of what’s out there and there’s no doubt that we’re all looking forward to some new snow to work with.

We said good-bye to TJ yesterday and it was great having him as part of the team again. His three-week stint is becoming a traditional feature now and it was nice to see many of you catching up and skiing with him again. We’re all hoping that his lovely wife Joanna will be able to return next season as well.

And thanks to Penny for a fantastic dinner last night!

Stay tuned for more news, weather and sports tomorrow!

PS- Thomas and Chris did have some adventure this morning with some excitement in the rocks heading up the Pramecou followed by some fun in the Hourglass Couloir. They dealt with everything that came their way and it was an ‘educational’ outing. Bravo to everyone involved! And Andreas took his Vikings for a big walk to the Lores and they were appropriately impressed! Quite a good day all in all and we could see 40cm’s tonight with the avalanche risk already being bumped from 2 to 4/5 for tomorrow. Blimey!

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