Flat-light and wind, but brilliant!

31 January 2016

Thirty to forty centimetres of snow fell overnight and although there were winds of 120km/h at altitude during the night the Olympique opened fairly promptly and the snow was excellent! I was surprised at how good the snow was at altitude and again just below the Folie Douce where it can be extremely compact and tricky after a howling wind has been battering it all night. It was pretty jolly heavy lower down in the trees but we stayed upstairs most of the morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the skiing as we had a ‘maximum-turn’ type session even though very little was open. (See photos)

Thomas had a skier lose a ski and his team spent almost 90-minutes looking for it. My team came down to lend a hand but to no avail and the poor Viking had to ski down on one ski, which was extremely hard work. Bummer! (Chris and Andreas were off today)

I’d like to say well done to Tim who has skied really well this trip, to Penny B who has been walking up a storm, to Sylvie for a solid performance and to Sarah who made great progress this morning in flat-light and deep and sometimes heavy snow. Bravo to you all!

I’ve been testing these Salomon light-weight touring boots the last few days and must say that skied beautifully today in the deep snow. They have wonderful feel for the snow, are very precise and because they’re so soft the ankle has lovely freedom, which leads to a fantastic ‘feel-good’ factor. I was going to give them back tomorrow but I’ve really taken a liking to them the past few days and will try to keep them for a while longer.

It is forecast to rain later today and during the night, but how high up the mountain is the million-dollar question? We certainly do not want this lovely snowfall ruined and end up with frozen crust half-way up the mountain, so fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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