Almost a 'stinker'!

01 February 2016

We were hoping that it wouldn’t rain too high up the mountain last night but unfortunately it rained to about 2800 metres and after a re-freeze we were left with a very nasty rain crust. All that beautiful new snow was ruined and we endured the toughest day of the season by far! It was as close to having a ‘stinker’ as you can get without really having one because the sun was shining and we actually had some nice skiing on the Motte. We found some nice soufflé doux that was very pleasant but apart from that it was hard work. After a couple of runs off the Motte Thomas and I decided to try to find some soufflé in the Campanules and with the sun warming up the crust the top half was pretty good, but we then needed to traverse out back to the piste. It was an optimistic call but I’ve been called worse! It was a tricky morning without a doubt but I must say I enjoyed it and a funny sort of way! (see photos)

If you think that sounds bad the piste skiing was even worse as the lower slopes were icy and by the end of the morning the pistes higher up were bumpy, crowded and in a horrible state. It all made the soufflé on the Motte look pretty good! Wish us luck for tomorrow and stay tuned!

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