Wow, that's more like it!

04 February 2016

After being shut down yesterday afternoon due to violent wind the resort opened fairly promptly this morning, which helps when a ‘powder-frenzy’ is brewing. When the wind blows so ferociously from northerly directions Tignes has many more options in the lee, so the entire team headed up Bellevarde looking for protected snow. Monday may have been the toughest day of the season but today was probably the best and we skied quality snow in a ‘maximum-turn’ fashion, and it was absolutely stunning. (see photos)

With great slopes being hit hard and with people everywhere we extracted ourselves from the hordes and had a brilliant morning seeing pretty much no one while being first in just about everywhere we went. Unfortunately Nola was injured skiing in Chris’ group and tore her calf muscle, and she needed rescuing from the Piste Service. What makes it even worse is that Nola is just starting a 4-week holiday and she won’t be able to ski for some time. Suzanne escorted Nola to the doctors in Tignes and then home to Val d’Isere, well done Suzanne and thank you. What a bummer for Nola and we wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.

The forecast was spot-on today with it calling for clear skies until around one and that is exactly what happened. The next part of the equation calls for snow starting this afternoon until 5AM in the morning with sunny spells by ‘show-time’ and clearing as the morning progresses. Fingers crossed as that sounds good to me. Stay tuned!

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