A lovely change of ambience!

05 February 2016

After spending most of the past week around the Bellevarde and Tignes area it was time for a change of scenery this morning even though we knew we wouldn’t have the same snow quality as yesterday. I started off with the Tour du Charvet, which was extremely good and with wonderful views and total solitude it was a cracking result. It was my first time skiing the Tour this season has it hasn’t yet been skiable due to lack of snow or sun crust so it was a real treat to be out there again. (See photos) We then continued our ‘change-of-scenery-theme’ by heading up to the Fornet for one in the Combe du 3300 where we found some nice supporting snow before heading over the Col Pers with Chris’ team. It was all pretty good considering the wind damage and I thought it was a great morning.

Meanwhile Chris went straight up to the Fornet, Andreas headed to Mont Roup while Thomas and Henry had a play in the Arcelle sector before finishing up in the Fornet. All the boys took a chance by looking elsewhere and everyone was rewarded for their efforts. Bravo boys!

Andreas is playing a song or two with Mike and Ritchie at the Pub Moris tonight around 6:30. Come on in for a beer and support Andreas as he warms up for Jerry’s gig next week. He’s a jolly good guitar player and it’s nice to see what he gets up to out of his ski suit. See you there!

The forecast calls for sun tomorrow but we’re expecting snow most of next week. Stay tuned!

PS And thanks to Mary Anne and Mike for a fantastic evening last night. It was great to see Dick again and it was a good laugh!

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