Go Leicester!

06 February 2016

Wow! I’ve just watch Leicester take a giant step towards making the impossible happen. What a performance against Man City and people are really starting to believe that a team that was 5000 to 1 to win the league just might pull off the greatest sporting story in the last 25-years. Not only would it be good for English football but it would be fantastic for World football as well to have unsung minnows beat the most expensive teams on the planet. Thanks John!

As for today’s skiing, that was pretty jolly good as well. (See photos) There was a nasty foehn wind blowing and Chris and I were worried it might have damaged the snow on Mont Roup or have stripped the snow back to the rain-crust, but we managed to find great snow most of the way, and the slightly trickier now was easily skied. Meanwhile Andreas headed towards Tignes on a couloir hunt with James and Richard on their last day, and they too had a brilliant morning!

Andreas warmed-up for Jerry’s birthday party last night at the Moris and played a great song with Mike and Ritchie. He and Mike will be playing at Jerry’s party Tuesday night as Jerry clocks up number ‘50’, and I’m really looking forward to that!

Rumour has it we’re in for a week-to-ten- days of snow that could see 2 metres or more fall out of the sky. And who says it doesn’t snow anymore? Hopefully we won’t be blown off the mountain but we’ll have some wind to deal with as well. Stay tuned!

PS – We are in big trouble as there is a hurricane blowing in town as of 10:30PM. Fingers crossed that it calms down in time for skiing in the morning and that a few flakes fall before the opening!

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