Feeling guilty!

07 February 2016

It was an uninspiring morning with grey skies and a foehn wind blowing between 80 and 120kp/h, so Jean and I decided on a morning off, whether we needed it or not! Unfortunately I’m so used to skiing every day I spent most of the morning wondering if I was missing anything and felt guilty. What a berk! Anyway, I wrote my ValdiNet article, went to the gym, wondered what I was missing, then did some ironing. Well, it had to be done and it’s been piled up on the sofa since I last had friends for dinner. Thank goodness the girls will be here soon! (Andreas and Chris were out this morning so well done boys)

It looks like a pretty rough week coming up with snow and high winds in the forecast for the next three days at least. The wind has died down and it’s snowing properly now as of one o’clock. (See photo)

Jerry Hill is in town with friends to celebrate his 50th on Tuesday. It should be a fantastic week socially at least and Jerry has organised Andreas to play with Mike after dinner. Fay and Jeremy are back with their son Zac and it’s great to see them again and to meet Zac.

It was a fabulous day of sport yesterday, except of course the Hammers result. Jean probably bit his nails to the quick and the England game was pretty close as well. Besides Leicester winning I was thrilled with Brooke Henderson’s second place on the LPGA tour. (The girl who beat her won with an Albatross and there isn’t much you can do about that!) Brooke is an 18-year-old Canadian girl who’s an upcoming star on the Women’s circuit. She won one event last year at 17, and was in the top five in three majors. Oh Canada!

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