A top-three-of-the-season?

08 February 2016

Wow! With the slightly frightening forecast for the next few days we all decided to head up to the Fornet as it may well be the only chance this week. And thank goodness we did! There was no wind, at least 20cm’s of fresh snow with great visibility, and it added up to one of the top-three mornings of the season. (Jean says it was the best and he’s a connoisseur of fine skiing!) It was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning starting with great snow off the Laisinant to get the juices flowing, followed by first tracks in the Grand Vallon, first tracks in the Combe du Signal, first tracks in the Pays Desert, and we then skied the Col Pers, which had only Andreas’ and Thomas’ tracks. All the boys were in the neighbourhood enjoying a stunning morning with fantastic virgin snow, a bit of sunshine, ambience and great company. (I also skied with Ellie’s cousin James who I haven’t seen in 25-years or so) Blimey, what a fabulous morning!

Jerry’s 50th celebrations are now in full swing and Andreas skied with Jerry’s team while Chris skied with Fay, Chris, Jerry’s sister Rebecca, Lucy and Louise. I must say that Chris’ team laid down some perfect tracks as many of them were skiing off-piste for the first time, and they should all be proud of themselves! It was a brilliant performance and a pleasure to watch. (See photos)

Thanks very much to Johnny Alpine for a brilliant leg-of-lamb Saturday night and to Geoff for a fab meal and footie last night.

It’s snowing lightly as of 3PM and we may see up to 50cm’s by morning and strong winds are also forecast. Fingers crossed for about 25cm’s and no wind. I don’t ask for much do I? Stay tuned!

PS And Happy Birthday Wendy!

PSS- The reason why today was so special wasn’t just the virgin snow, it was a combination of it being unexpectedly good, and of having beautiful places such as the Grand Vallon, the Pays Desert and the Col Pers all to ourselves. Having such solitude with a trackless mountain in front of us all morning long is rare and helped to make an truly memorable ski. Happy Pre-Birthday Jerry!

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