Happy Birthday Nana! And Jerry too!

09 February 2016

Once again we were thankful for a ‘bonus’ day as the wind wasn’t a factor, the visibility was much better than forecast, and we had between 15 and 20cm’s of fresh snow to play with. Chris, Andreas and I all headed back up to the Fornet for another great morning that started out with excellent vis for a flat-light day before the clouds thickened and it started to snow around 11:30. We skied the Lower Combe du Signal, the Pays Desert, the Combe du Geant, and another Pays Desert to finish. The sector was deserted and we had the entire place to ourselves with fantastic ambience and it was another cracking good result.

I almost had a disastrous end to the morning as Bernard became confused with the piste markers and skied off the piste into a massive hole between two pistes. What made it worse was James followed him in and it was pure luck that neither of them did any damage, especially Bernard who is just coming off a biking accident where he broke his collar-bone and needed a plate put in. He should be fine if he can withstand a crash like that!

I’d like to wish Nana a big Happy Birthday today, as well as Jerry who turns 50. Stay tuned for news of his celebrations, which include Andreas and Mike providing live music, tomorrow!

And fingers crossed that the weather holds as a potentially disastrous week has been jolly good so far. At 2:30 PM it is absolutely chucking it down with beautiful big flakes!

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