What a pleasant afternoon!

10 February 2016

The big news today is Jerry’s 50th Birthday Party last night! Jerry has had friends and family here for the past few days and they’ve had a brilliant time skiing, lunching and topping off the festivities with a brilliant evening last night. Jerry was chuffed at the turn-out and what a great group of friends! Andreas did a brilliant job playing along side the excellent Mike as they played non-stop for about three hours! (see photos)

I walked home at 1AM and knew we were in trouble today as it was blowing a hoolie. The maximum wind speed recorded last night was 176km/h on the summit of Bellevarde. As of 10:15 the resort is still closed and I’ve made a tentative rendezvous for a noon start as its forecast to calm down with perhaps a light-bulb of sunshine. If I do get out skiing I’ll add to this post later.

And what a good result for the Hammers last night and we’re now into the last 16 of the FA Cup. Bravo boys! Stay tuned for more news later.

PS I had cabin fever by 11:30 and went to my noon rendezvous to find only James ready to ski, so the two of us headed up Bellevarde to see what awaited us. It was -13C with a punchy wind and any exposed skin would definitely be frostbitten. There wasn’t much happening off the Verte but Bonnevie’s drag opened and James and I had it all to ourselves except for Australian Matt who was filling his boots as well. Eventually we ran into Doug who joined us for the rest of the afternoon and we all had a jolly nice ski. (See photos)

The forecast is for light snow for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening with some sunny breaking through in the morning. If the wind cooperates we could be in for a decent day tomorrow. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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