Wow, what a Tour!

11 February 2016

After the most violent storm of the season yesterday we were treated with blue skies and with no wind at all to speak of we had a fantastic morning. It wasn’t the best of the season but it did feature the most magnificent decent of the winter by far. After a brilliant warm-up off the Fontaine Froide my team were first into the Tour du Charvet followed by Chris, Andreas and Thomas. The scenery was stunning and the ambience even better as there wasn’t a single blemish on the mountain and we had it to ourselves. The snow quality was perfect top-to-bottom and Jean rated it as perhaps the best Tour du Charvet ever. I’m not too sure about ‘ever’ but I can’t remember a better one! (See photos and at this stage my camera froze up and the rest of the morning went undocumented.)

Next up was the Arcelle-side of the mountain and although the snow was pretty good it wasn’t a patch on the Charvet sector so we skied the Mattis tree and circled back around for another run in the Tour. By this time quite a few skiers had been down but we still managed clean lines all the down and the snow was still superb.

I need to go into ‘cleaning’ mode as Gill and the girls arrive on Monday and my life is spread out all over the shop. Usually I have people over for dinner, which makes me tidy up but I’ve been lying low lately and it seems to have piled up. Still, four days to go and I don’t want to peak early!

We should see a little more snow this afternoon and tonight with a cloudy day with light snow tomorrow. I’m not going to think too much about tomorrow as I’ll savour this morning for as long as possible. Stay tuned!

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