Flat-light skiing at its best!

12 February 2016

The day started off grey with a teasing hint of light towards the Fornet, but it quickly closed in and started snowing. With a storm forecast for tomorrow Chris, Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet because we’ll probably be forced Bellevarde/Tignes way in the morning. We weren’t disappointed as the wind wasn’t a factor, the snow was wonderful and with a surprising amount of fresh snow falling overnight we had trackless snow on the Glacier. We warmed-up off the Laisinant before skiing a run in the Combe du Signal en route upstairs, which was the main event. Chris and I had two stunning runs in the Pays Desert while Andreas and Ian had great skiing in the 3300. (Thomas was in action as well and he headed up Bellevarde but I have no idea what he skied today.)

If it was any whiter today we wouldn’t have been able to navigate and ski with positivity but we had just enough vis to get ourselves into position for the big pitches. I love the feeling of ‘free-fall’ skiing, when you can’t see a thing and you just let your skis find the fall-line and keep up with a life-time of motor-memory. It was a good as flat-light skiing gets this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I must run as I’ve Chez Ray to tidy up plus get the apartment ready for the girls arrival on Monday.

It’s snowing fairly hard this afternoon and up to 50cm’s are forecast by tomorrow morning. Wind is also expected so fingers crossed. Stay tuned!

PS – Thomas also had a fantastic morning featuring the Couloir du Mont Blanc. He was the first in there yesterday so he knew where was aiming. Nice one Thomas!

PSS There was a lot of avalanche activity yesterday with one on the Face du Charvet, which Chris took a photo of, one on the Banane and two or three around the bottom of the Arcelle. The risk today was 3 rising to 4, but tomorrow’s risk has already been bumped up to 4/5. A little sunshine is forecast for the morning so we should have a pretty good time on gentle slopes taking ‘low hanging fruit’!

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