At great morning at 4/5!

13 February 2016

After a beautiful snowfall yesterday afternoon the wind picked up and blew for most of the night. With the wind and another 20cm’s of fresh snow the avalanche risk was 4/5 this morning and we skied accordingly. The resort opened on time and we had pretty good visibility for the first 45-minutes before the skies covered over and it started to snow. We had a cracking good morning taking what was on offer in the Fontaine Froide, off the Marmottons Express, Bonnevie’s Drag, Tommeuses, and the Mont Blanc. Around 11:30 the wind really picked up and lifts started to shut down but we skied until 12:45 when we finally called it a morning. For a windy, flat-light, 4/5 morning it couldn’t have been much better!

The forecast for this past week was atrocious but it turned out to be one of the best weeks of the season with fabulous skiing every day except for Wednesday when the storm ravaged the resort.

It was forecast to snow all afternoon but the sun has made a surprise appearance and it beautiful out there at the moment, although the wind is still howling at altitude and most lifts are shut down.

For all you sport fans out there it’s a huge weekend of sport on both the football and rugby fronts, with the rugby slotting in nicely between football matches. Perfect!

My lovely 10-year-old Katie is out this afternoon on a Valentine’s Date with her boyfriend Cal. They’ve gone to Creams in Guildford, which is a milkshake, ice cream, coffee shop-type place. I think Gill and I have our hands full there! Stay tuned!

PS I’ve had to shovel the terrace again this afternoon, and Inga won the ‘skier of the morning’ award for a cracking good performance after a nightmare journey last night! Bravo Inga! It’s almost a wasted sunny afternoon as it’s so windy very little is open. Good luck to Andreas and Ian who are skiing all day.

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