Unfortunately the strong winds over the past few days have done some serious damage!

27 December 2008

Unfortunately the strong winds over the past few days have done some serious damage and our powder wonderland has taken on the look of a winded wasteland. With it our expectations have changed and we had a really good morning hunting for snow that was safe to ski and as enjoyable as possible. Chris and I started in the Combe du Signal and found our way down on soufflé mixed in with a few soft snow turns. We then had some good turns en route to the Col Pers where again we skied supporting snow mixed in with snow where we could leave ‘Alpine’ tracks. The exit through the gorge was superb with lovely soft winded snow that you could turn in. Travelling through the gorge has never been so easy and to actually ski it instead of side-slipping, stemming, and avoiding other obstacles is a real treat. Anyway, we made the most of the tricky conditions but some new snow would be welcome although a couple more sunny days are forecast. Jean Marc ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours but I haven’t heard a report and Andreas had the day off. TJ arrives tomorrow for six weeks and Pietro is back skiing in the morning. Gill, Millie and Katie arrived and after a day of organising will be skiing tomorrow afternoon. I almost forgot to mention West Ham’s 4-1 win away to Portsmouth, which made my trip to the airport even sweeter.

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