The girls arrive tomorrow night!

14 February 2016

We were extremely lucky again today and enjoyed unexpected light to go with yet another cushion of fresh snow, and we all had a brilliant morning. I was expecting to play around Bellevarde, Bonnevie’s Drag and Tommeuses but instead we skied one on the Fontaine Froide, two more skier’s right, the Epaule du Charvet, the Arcelle, the Mattis, and a lower Combe du Signal. And after yesterday’s incredibly ferocious winds the snow was fantastic!

I must admit to being a little weary at the moment as all this flat-light skiing takes enormous concentration and it’s pretty fatiguing. It seems like we’ve been skiing in flat-light for a month now, with the odd sunny day thrown in to help reset the bearings, but it has been fantastic and it really keeps the crowds at bay. More of the same next week wouldn’t be a bad thing although it makes for pretty lousy piste skiing.

It’s a great day of sport with Arsenal v Leicester, Villa v Liverpool, Man City v Tottenham, and of course the rugby. Take your pick or watch them all!

I’m very excited and in final preparations for the girls arriving tomorrow, and it’s all coming together nicely. They don’t land until 9:50 tomorrow night, which is a pain but it gives me a little more time tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for more news, weather and sports tomorrow!

PS Katie’s Valentine Date went extremely well yesterday. Bravo Katie!

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