How good was that?

15 February 2016

It was clear first thing this morning and with a ‘powder frenzy’ guaranteed we all went to the Fornet to avoid the crowds, hang on to the best of the weather, and to find the coldest snow. It was mission accomplished on all fronts as were in the sun just about all morning, had fabulous snow and really had no one else around. We and a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning skiing a Lower Combe du Signal, which was stunning, followed by excellent skiing in the 3300, two great runs in the Pays Desert, and a run in the Grand Vallon to finish off a brilliant morning. It was Gideon’s first day back in a couple of seasons and what a day to pick for a come-back! It was another top-three of the season and these ‘top’ days seem to be piling up over the past two to three weeks when we’ve enjoyed some outrageously good skiing. Long may it last!

When skiing through the Lower Combe du Signal first thing it was evident that there was some high quality, deep snow in the Combe so Henry hung around for the opening of the Signal and was rewarded with a couple in the Combe and a couple in the Grand Vallon. Nice one Henry!

I must finish off my tidying up routine and get myself ready to go to the airport to pick up the girls. I’ve a lot to do so I’d better get cracking. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

And thanks to Johnny Alpine for a great day of food and sport yesterday.

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