It's great to have the girls back!

16 February 2016

After heading to the Fornet for the best of the light yesterday it was exactly the opposite today. The Fornet was shrouded in clouds while Tignes was bathed in sunshine for the most part. We had some great skiing in the Borsat and meadows before an excellent run on the Tourne, followed by opening up the Sachette, which was wonderful. Andreas skied the Chardonnet en route to the Sachette and we all finished up with a lovely Familial to round off a great morning.

I had a fantastic afternoon skiing with not only Gill, Millie and Katie, but also Wils, Rosie and Rosie’s boyfriend Jamie. We skied the Jardin du Borsat Nord, the Lower Borsat, and the Familial and Jamie did really well for a first go!

After a long day yesterday driving to Lyon I’m about to make supper so today’s update is a short one. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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