Well done Millie!

18 February 2016

The sun shone again today and although some wind that blew during the night worked over the snow in places, we all still managed an excellent morning. Gill and I had the pleasure of Millie joining us this morning for her first-ever ‘skin’, and it was a huge success. Millie enjoyed the walk and had absolutely no problem with the skiing and I look forward to her joining me again soon! Jean really enjoyed having her along and it was nice to have a 12-year-old and 74-year-old skiing together and enjoying each other’s company. We also had Ian from Boston joining us for the first time and like Thierry yesterday, he slotted right in. Chris had a first-time ‘skinner’ today as well and Alison walked and skied brilliantly. Well done Alison! Meanwhile, Thomas was off with the Parker family, Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours with his team and Henry had an initiation group.

We’ve had a stunning month or more of wonderful skiing and after a few days of sunshine the place is totally tracked out, and tracks combined with wind and sun damage means we are in need of some fresh snow again. A little snow is forecast for tomorrow morning and hopefully we’ll get enough to make a difference. Fingers crossed on that one!

Thanks to Auntie Viv who took care of Katie today so Millie and Gill could ski with me. Viv’s a bit naughty by nature so I’m sure she and Katie had a fantastic time together. Thanks Viv!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS I had trouble with my camera today and missed more photos than I actually took. Hopefully my aim will be better tomorrow!

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