Lucky with the light!

19 February 2016

It was overcast with light snow this morning and after Thomas reported good skiing in the Glacier Pers yesterday Chris and I headed that way because it is doable in flat-light. Once up on the Glacier we changed our minds as the Col was covered in thick don’t-mess-with-me-cloud while the Pays Desert showed signs of brightness and patches of sunshine. We did a ‘triple-skin’ and had wonderful snow top-to-bottom, with good light up top, flat-light through the middle section, and a bright sunny patch down to the little gorge on the last big slope. I figured Chris and I deserved our luck with the light and it made for a brilliant finish. (See photos) It was also great having my nephew Wils along, who has turned into a cracking good powder skier! Meanwhile Andreas and Henry went on a couloir mission and had a terrific time and I’m not too sure what Thomas skied with the Parker clan.

We’ve had quite a few new clients this week including Thierry, Ian from Boston, Sim on his tele’s, Alison and I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone. It’s always a pleasure to have new people join in, especially when they’ve the right spirit.

I had a nice ski this afternoon with Viv, Rosie, Jamie, Gill, Millie and Katie although it was tough visibility-wise for the most part. Viv unfortunately hurt her knee so fingers crossed that it isn’t too serious!

The forecast calls for a cold but bright start to the morning before clouds roll in with some precipitation, which may be rain in the village. Anything falling out of the sky will be good news as long as the rain-level is fairly low.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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