Great skiing and more snow on the way!

20 February 2016

I was travelling light today with just Gideon as Jean was unfortunately ill, and we had a pretty good morning for Gideon’s last day. The boys all wanted to do the Face du Charvet so we skied the Face, then circled back around for the Tour du Charvet, then some nice snow off the Verte before skiing the Lower Borsat and then the familial to finish. All the boys were in action and after the Face everyone dispersed in different directions and great skiing was enjoyed by all.

I’m trying to decide on an easy afternoon or to go out with Gill for a few powder turns as the girls are taking themselves to the swimming pool. The longer I stay indoors the more difficult it is to get back out there, especially with the flat-light.

The forecast, which was sun until 10:30 before clouds and light snow took over was spot on and we finished the morning in flat-light and snow but fortunately no fog. It’s forecast to snow 10cm’s (but that much has already fallen today) with clear blue skies tomorrow morning. Sounds good and stay tuned!

PS I picked up a ‘splat du jour’ award this morning while skiing into a nasty terrain trap in the flat light. Fortunately Gideon witnessed it and didn’t follow suit, plus it sucks when no one sees a proper splat! And Wils, Rosie, Viv, Jamie and Ilyana left this afternoon after a great few days.

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