I wasn't expecting that!

21 February 2016

There was some strange weather late yesterday afternoon and during the night and what was some superb powder snow took a serious beating from wind and/or ice damage. Emmanuel who was skiing with me this morning said that they were caught in an ice-storm yesterday afternoon and had ice coating their glasses and goggles, which couldn’t be wiped off. Anyway, the result today was an ice crust and wasn’t for the faint-hearted! Thankfully it wasn’t everywhere and lower down the mountain seemed to be better, but there was also wind damage which also spoilt a lot of snow. I must say that the skiing was still very enjoyable and I was fortunate to have Shred, Emmanuel and Craig along and all they all skied the ‘educational’ snow really well. (see photos) Bravo to you all!

I went out this afternoon for a ski with Gill while the girls went off to the pool and we had a lovely ski, mixing some off-piste in with some good piste skiing. They are skiing again in the morning before a take them down to Lyon in the afternoon. It’s been a great week and I’m going to miss them!

A bit of sunshine is forecast until about 10:30 tomorrow morning before clouds, wind and a little snow arrives. It won’t be an easy day skiing what’s out there if the light is flat. Wish us luck!

The Hammers are up 3-1 in their FA Cup match and my budding 18-year-old Canadian golfer Brooke Henderson came tied for 9th in the Australian Open. She won a tour event last year at 17, and only Lydia Ko has won at such an early age.

And thanks to Laura for a great meal and evening last night.

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