Bye to the girls!

22 February 2016

I’ve just returned from my journey to the airport and back. It poured with rain all the way there and back but the rain unfortunately stopped around Bourg as I was hoping for some precipitation here during the afternoon and tonight. Fingers crossed that we still get some decent snow before ‘show-time’ tomorrow!

It’s been a tough couple of days and today Andreas and I headed straight up to the Fornet and over the Col to take advantage of the good light before the clouds rolled in. There was some excellent soufflé but very little soft snow to speak of and I ended up working on technique for the steep and pivoting skills for most of the morning.

Unfortunately Sky hurt her knee skiing with Andreas towards the end of the morning and hopefully it isn’t too serious. Good luck Sky!

I’m heading to bed to read my book so stay tuned for news, weather and photos tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll have some fresh snow to work with and to repair the wind and ice damage!

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