Only ten centimetres but what a difference!

23 February 2016

After two tough but enjoyable days on Sunday and Monday we were treated to some fantastic conditions this morning. Only ten centimetres of fresh humid snow fell overnight but it made a world of difference giving us a fresh canvas with a nice cushioned feel underfoot. It was a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning although we played it pretty safe, but we did get in a huge amount of skiing considering the light was fairly flat for most of the morning. We skied two off the Fontaine Froide, one off the Verte, the lower Borsat into the meadows, one off the Genepy on the Motte, a Familial, another off the Verte, another off the Borsat and then under the Mont Blanc on the way home. (Andreas and Chris peeled off for an Epaule du Charvet and Mattis) It was great skiing and everyone really appreciated it after a very limited day yesterday.

It’s quiet at my place as the girls are back in school in England and won’t be back out until March 23rd. That’s not too far away and they’ll be here for 2-and-a-half-weeks, which will be a brilliant visit!

More snow is forecast for this afternoon and tonight but our quality tomorrow depends a lot on what the wind does. Fingers crossed the wind stays away or at least blows only from one direction. Stay tuned!

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