Another wonderful day and the boys all did the business!

25 February 2016

It was another day of better-than-expected light, and when leading groups of powder-hounds I can’t tell you how welcome that tiny bit of brightness can be! Instead of worrying about piling into a terrain trap or losing your way we could safely navigate and ski with positivity instead of skiing defensively with stress. Wow, it was another great result with fabulous snow and solitude! Chris and I headed to the Fornet and skied off the Laisinant, the Lower Combe du Signal,then two excellent runs in the Pays Desert where we didn’t see anyone except Charlie and Russell on our second trip around, then a fantastic Col Pers to finish. (see photos) Blimey!

Andreas and Thomas headed to Tignes with their teams and skied lovely snow en route to the Chardonnet, and I’m not too sure what else they skied after that. I know they were equally pleased with their mornings and everyone was a winner again today!

I had a fantastic lunch with Tony and Ian at the Baraque as Ian and I were scouting an alternative to the wonderful and now defunct Perdrix Blanc. Nico has now been open for three years and I’ve never been in until last week when Gill and I went in for drinks with Viv and family. I’ve felt guilty about not frequenting the place before because I’ve always been faithful to the Perdrix and Taverne, and I must say that Nico runs a fantastic establishment, with excellent food and ambience, and I look forward to spending more time there in the future. And what a pleasure it was to spend some time socially with Tony, who is a great character with a wonderful sense of humour. He and Ian have had a great time together this week and it’s another example of how people make new friendships through the Alpine family. I’m a little bit pissed as you might tell but I’m very proud of what we’ve created over the years.

It’s been snowing since mid-day and with sun forecast tomorrow morning we should be in for another fantastic ski. And Jean may be well enough to make a return after a bout of chesty coughs. Stay tuned!

PS Doug reports another avalanche under the Charvet, which was three times as big as yesterday’s! Blimey, and it came down around 9AM!

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