Sunshine and lovely snow!

26 February 2016

The sun shone today and suddenly there were off-piste skiers and boarders coming out of the woodwork! We’ve skied in total solitude of late but with the sun making a rare appearance people were making the most of it after a fairly tough week vis-wise. Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet to avoid as many people as possible and enjoyed great skiing off the Laisinant, the Pissaillas, and then we were first-in over the Col Pers, which was excellent! We then finished off a cracking morning with some decent scraps off the Signal! (see photos) Meanwhile Chris and Thomas also had some good skiing in the Tour du Charvet followed by even better snow in the Cugnai and Arcelle.

It was nice to have Jean back as he’s been ill for about a week. He returned just in time to ski with Tony as Tony finished a fantastic week in style. And thanks to Tony and Ian for a fabulous lunch yesterday afternoon!

I’m about to meet up with Chris for my 50th gym session of the season. I should be in good shape by the end of all this! Stay tuned as we await a retour de l’est up at the Fornet. Fingers crossed!

PS The Foehn wind started to blow quite hard this morning and had already done some damage up at the Fornet. You can see the wind drifts in the photos that we skied through without too much effort, but the drifts will unfortunately firm up if the wind keeps blowing.

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