40cm's, bright light and no wind! Wow!

28 February 2016

The Foehn wind blew during the night and 40cm’s of fresh snow fell so there was a delay in getting the resort open this morning. My team of Craig, Jean and the Birthday Girl Louise managed the first Funival of the day at 10 o’clock and we enjoyed a superb ‘maximum-turn’ morning and we were all exhausted by the end of it. The avalanche risk was 4/5 so we played it safe and even with the resort being pretty full we really didn’t get mixed up in the dreaded ‘frenzy’. There was a limited opening but we did our best with what was on offer and warmed-up with a great run down an un-pisted 3J followed by two skiers-left on the Fontaine Froide, then another skiers- right, then a lovely run off the Verte, one under the Mont Blanc, another off the Mont Blanc back to the Marmottons, then another off the Verte, then one from the just opened Borsat and then one more Mont Blanc and across the bridge to finish. Blimey, by this time we’d all had enough! We profited from pretty good light as well until around noon when it clouded over with a few flakes of snow floating about. The wind had completely died down and I was surprised at how calm it was this morning. Meanwhile Chris and Suzanne had a family ski and did several rotations in the Super L by bussing back to Solaise as the Laisinant Express remained closed all day.

There is a meeting today between the Pisteurs and the Mayor as the Pisteurs are threatening to strike on Tuesday over wages. Apparently they get about 20% less than other resorts pay, which I find ludicrous! This town spends a fortune lighting up the Face du Bellevarde at night and putting up new lifts, and they should be paying the piste service a decent amount. They do a fantastic job while putting their lives at risk while securing the pistes after big snowfalls, and they deal with some pretty nasty sights as the collect broken bodies and dig dead people out of avalanches. Bravo to all the Pisteurs and I hope they reach and agreement this afternoon. (If not everyone will have a day off on Tuesday and one day of lost revenue could keep the piste service going for a while!))

I was extremely pleased with the Hammers win yesterday as well as Leicester’s last-minute winner, and I thoroughly enjoyed the rugby. Hopefully the Gunners can win today to round-off a great weekend of sport.

More snow is forecast this afternoon and into the night ahead and tomorrow should see cloudy skies, which means some sun might just poke through. Fingers crossed!

PS I received a lovely email from Tom S to say how much he enjoyed the Daily Diary. Cheers Tom and it was great to hear from you!

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