Quite exceptional!

29 February 2016

Another 20 to 30 cm’s of fresh light snow fell overnight and with some sunshine and excellent visibility Thomas and I made the most of the outstanding conditions. We skied a couple of beautiful runs skiers-left off the Fontaine Froide followed by some great skiing off the Verte and under the Mont Blanc. Then came an absolutely stunning Campanules (see photos) and I can’t remember the last time I skied it in such good snow. Wow! After that we dove down the long slope under the Fresse chair to the bottom and that doesn’t get much better either. With the rising sea-of-cloud becoming a factor we headed up to the Motte and Thomas had one on the cable car while I headed down skiing a brilliant Cairn, which we did almost non-stop. Once back on the Val d’Isere side of the mountain we were in a complete white-out so we felt our way down the piste before taking the bubbles down from the Folie Douce. (I didn’t want to wreck a perfect morning with ratty piste)

It was great to have Kevin back this morning and he skied really well. Bravo Kevin! I also had Jean who’s in great form along with Louise and Suzanne. Thomas was skiing with Eugene and his first-time-to-Alpine friend John, and what a cracking morning for John’s introduction to Alpine! Chris had a private this morning and Andreas took the opportunity on a day off to play his guitar, which he is really enjoying.

A sunny day is forecast for tomorrow after a little more snow this afternoon but we’ll need to wait and see what tomorrow brings as the Pisteurs strike is a real possibility. Stay tuned!

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