Another brilliant day all round!

01 March 2016

It was forecast to be sunny first thing this morning but we started out in flattish light before the clouds gradually disappeared. After a lovely warm-up off the Verte we all skied a brilliant Borsat that hadn’t been skied yesterday so it was totally virgin, which always adds to the ambience. We then skied the meadows and then down under the Fresse lift, which has a surprisingly nice pitch to it and is fairly long as well, and the snow was great. Chris and I then headed upstairs and needed to ‘sniff’ to find nice snow off my shoulder before skiing an excellent Cairn back to the bottom. By this time Tignes was really crowded so we headed back to Val d’Isere and skied a nice run off the Borsat en-route to the Tour du Charvet. I didn’t trust the tour thinking it was ‘cooked’ so we continued on and skied the always entertaining Face du Charvet. We needed to play with the exposures to ski powder and avoid ‘wishbone’ snow and I thought it was pretty jolly good. (See photos) To finish off another fantastic morning we had a nice run in the trees off the Mattis. Meanwhile after the Borsat Andreas and Thomas headed towards the Chardonnet and Sache and they had some superb skiing as well before finishing up with the Alti-port.

I had a new skier from Slovenia today, and Dean (name he goes by to avoid confusing those of us with zero linguistic skills!) fit right in and had a brilliant time. He came to us via the Daily Diary and as none of his friends ski off-piste he felt like he’s made some new ski friends already, and it’s always a great feeling when people gel and make new friends within the group.

The sun has suddenly become much stronger, which isn’t really surprising for March, and it’s now strong enough to damage certain slopes and will have an affect every time it pokes through the clouds. It starts to make our job much trickier because we must calculate what slopes will still give us skiable powder and what aspects need to be avoided because of a crust that will rip your leg off. (Wishbone snow, horrible stuff!) It’s incredible how fine a line it can be sometimes as only a slight change of angle can make the difference between bliss and unskiable!

A little snow is forecast tonight with more tomorrow but the wind is also going to get up and blow from the west for the next three days. Stay tuned!

I posted a photo of Katie at her riding lesson the other day. She’s loving it and looks pretty good on a horse if I say so myself! Bravo Katie!

PS Come on Leicester and Sunderland!

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