Happy Birthday Mom!

02 March 2016

It maybe snowed a couple of centimetres overnight but combined with the wind it seemed to cover in a lot of tracks. Fortunately the light was much better than expected and Chris, Thomas and I had a great ski featuring the Little Lavachet and the Sachette Couloir. The Lavachet was excellent top-to-bottom and was a terrific start to the morning. The couloir was atmospheric but the snow had ‘turned’ just a little bit, and the big slopes under the couloir were great skiing but slightly ‘educational’. The middle section was very good indeed and the lower slopes although warm were good skiing as well. I’d give it pretty good marks for a tough day and everyone really enjoyed it.

It clouded over around 12:30 and started to snow and as I write at 3PM big flakes are swirling about as the forecast wind is starting to blow. We could see another 40cm’s before the morning and I’ve definitely gone back to my air-bag and am even putting the handle in at appropriate times. Snow is forecast off-and-on for several more days as this marvellous winter continues!

I’d like to wish my Mom a very happy 82nd birthday today. She loves the snow and winter has always been her favourite season, ever since she was a little girl. (Just in case you wondered where I got it from) Millie and Katie also love the snow, the more the better, so it’s guaranteed that the family’s love affair with winter continues. Happy Birthday Mom!

The entire country will be behind the Hammers tonight to help Leicester win the title. All those except the odd Tottenham fan such as Guffy and Marty. Come on you Hammers!

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