It was blowing a hoolie!

03 March 2016

It was blowing a hoolie last night and it continued to blow throughout the day today. The thermometer read -14C at the top of Bellevarde and with a strong northerly wind any exposed skin was quickly frostbitten. Still, we had a pretty good morning and skied to around 12:45, which shows it wasn’t all bad out there. I mentioned to Doug as we went up for one last run that it was nice to just experience this type of weather as most people go through life without witnessing a storm like the one we had today. It reminded of a time when Millie was around 8-years-old and she and I exited the Funival into a ferocious storm, and it was limit as to whether the resort would close down or not. I was just about to turn around and take her back down the Funival when she said, “Come on Dad, let’s get going!” So I pulled up her neck-fleece and made sure she had no exposed ski and off we went into the storm. Millie loved the experience and I remember thinking that anyone who saw me would have thought, “what’s that idiot doing with that child!” Anyway, it was pretty wild at times today and I enjoyed the adventure, and bravo Doug for hanging in there until the end!

What a night in the Premiership last night with the Hammers beating Tottenham and doing their bit to help Leicester win the title. What would the odds have been before the start of the season for Leicester, Tottenham, Man U and West Ham to represent the Premier League as the top-four in next year’s Champions League?

More snow is forecast for the rest of the day and tomorrow we may see a little sunshine, which would help enormously, but what we really need is less wind! Stay tuned!

PS Winds of 150km/h were recored on the Pissaillas Glacier last night!

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