Another outstanding Tour!

04 March 2016

As forecast we had a bright morning visibility-wise and we took full advantage with a stunning ‘team’ ski. After a couple of excellent runs skiers-right down the Fontaine Froide while waiting for the Grand Pres we then opened a fabulous Tour du Charvet, which was pretty special. There wasn’t a track in sight and the top section was brilliant, TJ’s Shoulder was a bit more compact but considering the wind of late it was a relief that is was as good as it was, and the bottom section was outstanding. Ali, who was skiing with Thomas had never skied the Tour before and he absolutely loved it! Chris was skiing with Chris and it was only his 20th day on skis! Blimey Chris, well done! We’ve opened the Tour in some outstanding conditions this season and although today’s wasn’t the best it was still an incredible privilege and pretty tough to beat.

From there Thomas had one on the Arcelle while Chris and I skied the Super L en-route to the Glacier where I skied a Combe du Geant and a Combe du 3300 before heading to the Baraque for lunch with Penny. (And what a lunch it was thank-you very much Penny) Meanwhile Chris went over the Col for an adventure while Thomas finished off his week by lunching with Eugene, John and Ali.

Andreas has had a couple of days off and has taken care of some chores as well as practiced on his guitar. Ness has a singing audition for a school place coming up and Andreas is going to accompany her on his guitar. It will be fantastic Daddy/Daughter event and Andreas is really looking forward to it. Good luck Ness!

A little snow is forecast tonight and more in the morning but with any luck we may have some decent vis to work with. Fingers crossed! Stay tuned for news, weather, photos, and hopefully a successful sports report. Come on West Ham, Leicester, Sunderland and the Gunners! (I don’t ask for much do I?)

And Happy Birthday Marty!

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