Ouch, that was way too close!

05 March 2016

Well what a morning that was! Enough new snow, more than anticipated, fell early this morning and it gave us an excellent cushion, and we had just enough light to have a terrific ski. Chris and I started with 15cm’s on the Fontaine Froide piste before skiing two great runs skiers-left down the Fontaine Froide. We then had a lovely ski off the Verte before skiing the Lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, all of which was soft beautiful snow. Next up was a trip up the train to the Motte for a run off the Genepy, where I had my worst fall in a long, long time. (And I have some scary moments) I was skiing down in flat-light towards the rat-track piste that comes from the Cairn direction back to the Genepy piste and saw the piste markers but suddenly dropped at least ten feet straight down onto the piste. I felt every vertebra in my back compress, took a shock in my hips, knees and ankles and could hardly breathe for a moment due to the shock of landing. I yelled for Jean to stop, which he thankfully did, but he thought I‘d fallen into a hole and decided to side-slip down to help me and the next thing I knew he dropped off the wall as well and landed with a sickening noise. Not recommended for a teenager let alone a 75-year-old man! Somehow we were both unbroken and Geoff and Penny traversed across above us until they could safely drop down. It transpired that the piste had been marked only on one side, the lower side and nothing on the upper side to warn us. It was an extremely lucky moment for both Jean and I and I’ll file that spot away for future reference!

It took a while to re-focus as both Jean and I could have been seriously injured but we headed back up the Motte for another run as the light was improving and skied one off the glacier down to the Leisse chair, one more off the Genepy and then a fantastic Familial to finish. (Chris snuck in a cheeky Campanules as well) Besides our scary moment it was an excellent morning although I didn’t take too many photos.

There was an avalanche yesterday around 2 o’clock in the Foin area of the Arcelle and three skiers were taken. No one was injured but skies were lost and when the guide asked the Pisteurs to bring a pair of skis down so his client could ski out the Head Pisteur refused saying that he wasn’t going to put one of his team at risk. Fair enough I guess!

Millie and Katie had a fantastic time with Ray today as he took them to Harry Potter World and then back home for dinner with Gill. They loved it and thank you very much Ray! Speaking of fantastic, thanks Geoff for a stunning afternoon of Tuscan soup, followed by Tottenham v Arsenal, followed by steak, fried potatoes, salad with of course lovely wine, followed by the first-half of Watford v Leicester! What an afternoon and well done West Ham for coming back from 2-nil down to win 3-2.

I’m off for a hot bath and bed and hopefully neither Jean nor I will be too sore tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS The avalanche risk was 4/5 today, but I must say it was a pretty weak 4! Not much new snow was in play, there was no wind to speak of and I really couldn’t see were the increase from yesterdays 3/5 came from. The Meteo France avalanche forecast is what the courts go by so Chris and I took it easy but by the end of the morning Chris felt well justified in opening up the Campanules. Well done Chris!

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