An outrageous morning of skiing!

06 March 2016

Some more fresh snow arrived overnight and we had pretty good light for the most part, and just enough flat-light to keep most of the people away. Unfortunately Jean was suffering with sore ribs from his fall yesterday so it was just Penny and I this morning and what a special ski that was! If it wasn’t the best skiing of the season it was top-three, and I certainly can’t remember a better one. We started off with first-tracks and an outstanding run down to TJ’s Shoulder and beyond, followed by a brilliant Super L, then a lovely run off the Laisinant, then two ridiculously good runs in the Combe du Signal, followed by two crackers in the Pays Desert and through the rocks. It really doesn’t get any better and the cold temperatures have kept the snow in superb condition, especially for this time of year. (See photos)

Andreas was back in action with a bang and was skiing with a new American team of good skier. They’ve never skied here before and what a start as they were next in behind us in the Tour, and they also skied the Super L, Laisinant, Signal and then up on the Glacier. And believe me, that start won’t be easy to follow up! Chris had the day off and skied with Suzanne and Louise up at the Fornet.

There is a fine line at the moment where we’re skiing in flat-light and enjoying stunning conditions and solitude. The flat-light is fatiguing and ups the personal risk factor as was shown yesterday, but the moment the sun comes out the solitude turns into a stressful ‘frenzy’ and suddenly the place is tracked out and we need more snow again. It’s amazing how rarely we’ve used our ‘skins’ since mid-January but the moment the suns comes out we’ll be back at it in no time.

Sun is forecast for the morning so I guess we’ll find out how many people are in town. Stay tuned!

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