What a bummer!

07 March 2016

The sun was shining and with -14C in town the snow quality was superb again today. We started off with a fabulous Face du Charvet in deep, light snow but unfortunately Kenny injured his knee in about his 10th turn. Chris came in behind and traversed Kenny back to us and I then needed to call the Piste Service for a helicopter rescue as both Kenny’s knees were giving him trouble. Adrian and Frans stayed behind with me as we prepared a landing zone and Chris took Jean, Al and Ian along with his group until I caught back up with them around 11:30. Thanks Chris, you were a massive help and your team combined with mine left some pretty impressive tracks in your wake! And a big thanks also to the Pisteurs, who did a brilliant job, the pilot and Gulvan (friend of JM and Oli’s) who was riding shot-gun in the helicopter. What a bad break for Kenny who was just starting his holiday. He’s staying at my place and is a great guy who started skiing at the age of 2 and represented Scotland in his racing days. Fingers crossed that it isn’t too serious!

All the boys had a wonderful morning starting with the Charvet before heading towards the Fornet while Thomas skied around the Arcelle and ‘skinned’ up to get into the Cugnai. I’m a little deflated so I’m giving the gym a miss and heading down to Bourg to do some shopping and to get out of town for a little break. After what happened to Jean and I a couple of days ago combined with today has left me a little shell-shocked. Still, the show must go on and I’ll be ready again in the morning to tackle another day of flat-light but fortunately we should see some fresh snow tonight, which makes the flat-light days much easier. Stay tuned!

And a big Happy Birthday to Jean who came out skiing with his sore ribs today in celebration. Bravo Jean, you’re an inspiration and always a pleasure to ski with!

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