Wonderful, wonderful skiing!

08 March 2016

When I woke up and looked out the window it was snowing this morning and I thought a flat-light day was on the cards. Once at the Gourmandine we could see blue patches coming through and by ‘show-time’ the visibility at altitude was excellent, so I headed towards Wayne’s Shoulder via some great snow off the Borsat to find the Funicular to the Motte closed. I was a bit bummed but moved straight on to Plan B, which turned out to be superb! After some nice turns under the Tourne we were first into the Sachette and had fabulous snow on the first two steep pitches before ‘skinning’ for ten minutes to even better snow! It was great top-to-bottom and we were on our own, which added to the satisfaction. We then skied a lovely Familial behind Henry and Thomas to finish off the morning! (See photos)

Meanwhile, Chris was frustrated by the Motte being closed and all the people in Tignes so he back-tracked back to our side of the resort and went for a ‘skin’. I’m going into ‘code-mode’ as it was excellent and I will probably go there tomorrow! Thomas did catch the first Funicular of the day and did five rotations on-and-around my shoulder and had a brilliant time, while Andreas has been skiing with a great bunch of Americans and they skied the Borsat, Balme, Chardonnet, Sachette and I’m not too sure what else as it was an all-day private. Tansy had the day off and was invited to join them so it was a real treat for her to ski with Andreas all-day and especially in such stunning conditions. Henry was also out there somewhere in Tignes making the most of another fantastic day!

I had the pleasure of skiing with six 4-year-olds this afternoon for my community service. Blimey, I forgot how tricky it is carrying four pairs of skis and keeping track of them as they struggle to get on chairlifts. Thankfully I had a lovely helper, Carol, who was picking them up and dusting them off at the back. It’s hard work but they really are a lot of fun and what a cast of characters! I’ve one more afternoon to come on Thursday then I’m done with my hours, and all the boys have already served their time.

Sun is on the cards for the next few days and with another cold night ahead we should be in for another cracking day tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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