Another outstanding morning of high-quality skiing and ambience!

09 March 2016

It was a beautiful clear morning but a serious wind was shifting snow off the ridges, giving us all second-thoughts, but everyone went ahead with their Plan A’s. Chris and I headed to the Col des Fours and had the place to ourselves except for Nikki, Russell, Francoise and a couple of ‘road-runners’. We enjoyed the bonus of fabulous snow straight out of the bubbles at the Col and we couldn’t have asked for a better start. But it did get better as it’s rare to make it to the Col without being past by some super-fit youngsters in a hurry but today my team did just that and we were rewarded with a trackless mountain, which is always a treat. The snow had fortunately resisted the wind and was still excellent top-to-bottom and both our teams did a great job. We then ‘skinned’ to the second Col, which was fantastic and a real bonus. The boys gave it 10/10, which is a pretty good mark and pretty spot on as we had ambience, solitude, and great snow! (see photos)

Meanwhile, Andreas and Thomas also went for a ‘skin’ (still in code-mode as I’ll probably go there tomorrow, just like I said yesterday) and they had a brilliant outing as well. We’ve had such a good patch of skiing and I’m surprised how we’re getting to some very ‘clean’ places without too much effort. Today is the first day we’ve needed to walk and it was certainly worth it as all the teams had a wonderful day. Henry was busy with one of his HAT days and I’m not too sure what he skied today.

And a big Happy Birthday to Anna from Sweden, who is skiing with her mother in Thomas’ group. They’ve had a brilliant time as have the American team who have been with Andreas. Well done boys, it’s always nice to give new skiers the full monty and send them home already planning their next visit!

Pierre (one of the Pisteurs who helped us Monday on the Face) has used a photo or two of our rescue from the blog and posted it on his Facebook page. I thought that was pretty cool! And thinking of Kenny, he went home today as his insurance organised a taxi and a flight home. It was great to meet you Kenny and we wish you all the best in your recovery. Take care!

It has clouded over this afternoon but sun is forecast again for the next couple of days, and today’s wind is supposed to calm down. Fingers crossed that it hasn’t done too much damage. Stay tuned!

PS The wind has transported enough snow to build some localised plaques, and we witnessed three or four that went naturally this morning. It has been pretty stable of late but this wind will give us something extra to think about in the days ahead.

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