Conditions are toughening up!

10 March 2016

Unfortunately the wind over the past 36-hours has done some damage to some of our wonderful snow and in places the skiing has become much more ‘educational’. I started off with a Crete du Genepy and needed to ‘sniff’ about to find strips of good snow, but we were alone and did ski some nice snow. We then continued on to Mont Roup, which was nicely protected, and the snow for the most part was excellent. (see photos)

Andreas and Thomas headed up to the Col des Fours and they had a great outing but unfortunately the wind had done some damage turning yesterday’s beautiful powder into ‘skiers’ snow. Both have strong teams so it wasn’t a problem and the trip was enjoyed by all. Henry and Chris teamed up for a lovely morning but times are tough so I’ll keep that one quiet!

I had a tough afternoon as my 4-year-olds were running riot and I must admit to a total lack of control. Fortunately Philip Clement’s wife Dominique was helping me, and she doesn’t take any rubbish and did a great job keeping some sort of order. Merci beaucoup Dominique!

More sun is forecast and I hate to say it but we need a fresh canvas already. Skier traffic, sun and wind have all done their part to wreak the mountain. It’s amazing how you can go from the most wonderful skiing in the world to needing to scratch about almost overnight. Stay tuned!

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