Blimey, that was brilliant!

11 March 2016

I’ve had a big lunch in St Foy with the boys so please excuse any indiscretions. First before I forget I’d like to thank the boys for lunch today and a fantastic evening in the Lodge on Wednesday night. Both were brilliant fun and there’s nothing like belly laughter and banter to finish off a great day!

As for today’s skiing, it was absolutely wonderful. Chris, Andreas and I all went down to St Foy to ski the Foglietta and we were seriously rewarded for our efforts with some outstanding skiing and ambience. My team were the first up with Al clocking a ridiculous 30-minutes while the rest of us made it up in about 50, which I thought was pretty good going. ( Normally Adrian would respond to Al’s challenge but he was nursing a blister today, but he will be pleased with his photos!) Anyway, with the wind ruining so much snow in our resort we were a little worried about the northern Foglietta and when we arrived at the summit the wind was blowing a hoolie and I had my fingers crossed. We sheltered down to take off our ‘skins’ and when I finally looked over the edge I thought, “Blimey (f-ing hell!), this looks fantastic.” The snow was superb and there was plenty of clean space skiers-right and it was game on. After three perfect pitches we ‘skinned’ for another ten-minutes to access a fresh canvas and I must say that for a top-to-bottom Foglietta it doesn’t get much better. The bottom meadows were a little stiff but after the skiing we’d had nobody cared! Both Andreas and Chris did the extra ‘skin’ as well and we all met up for lunch at the Monal. Chris missed the bus but Andreas organised a lift with the owner of the Monal Restaurant, which was brilliant and a nice finishing touch to Chris’ day. It was a great team effort and a top day out! (See photos)

Meanwhile back in the resort Thomas had some great skiing around the Col des Ves and Henry was skiing around in the Chardonnet couloirs. Sun is forecast again for tomorrow so we’ll need to be imaginative!

I need a quick bath before heading up to the Moris to watch Andreas play a few songs with Mike and Ritchie. Andreas’ Danish team are huge fans of Mike and Ritchie and go every time they play. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and I’d love to report as good of outing as we were privileged to have experienced today!

PS What a fantastic session at the Pub Moris with Mike, Ritchie, Andreas, the Munke boys, my boys and various others. Photos to follow tomorrow night!

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