A tough act to follow!

12 March 2016

After an epic day yesterday it was always going to be a tough act to follow but Thomas reported great skiing off the Ves so that was all the encouragement Chris and I needed. It was a lovely change of pace with great ambience, terrific scenery, steep slopes and pretty jolly good snow as well! For some today it was a first trip over the Col and that always adds to the experience. After ‘skinning’ out we finished off a great morning with some nice skiing through the alti-port.

It’s going to get tougher with each passing day now until we get some fresh snow. The resort is tracked, the temperature is rising and there is no snow expected over the next few days, so we’ll be using our imaginations and doing our best to make the most of what’s left out there.

We finished off a great day yesterday with a fantastic session in the Pub Moris. Andreas played four songs with Mike and Ritchie, the Danish Munke team were in full flow, Adrian, Al and Frans turned up, Helena was there with some Swedish friends and the atmosphere and music were brilliant. Andreas is really getting back into his music and he’s a bloody good performer. (See photos) I’ll keep you posted next time he’s invited to play with the boys.

I’d like to say goodbye to Adrian, Al, Frans and Ian as we had a fabulous week and skied some wonderful slopes in brilliant snow, not to mention lunches and dinner. All the boys are now looking forward to a rest!

Wish us luck for the next few days but you can count on us to do our best as we await some fresh snow. Stay tuned!

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