A great result!

13 March 2016

It’s not getting any easier as tracks, heat and wind have all taken their toll, but I thought we put together a cracking morning of skiing. I had some nice warm-up turns off the Mont Blanc piste followed by a lovely Alti-port en-route into Tignes. We then skied a really good Sachette complete with a second ‘skin’ to some great snow on a nice steep pitch. With a foehn wind blowing we managed to stay sheltered and also had the best of the light as we had some clouds floating about, especially above the Motte and up at the Fornet. Chris skied the Sachette as well while Andreas skied a couloir in the Chardonnet and the Cocaine Nord. Bravo boys! (Thomas and Henry were off today.)

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Seid and his friends Kenny, Joe and Stu at the Pub Moris Friday night. They were going to Cortina in Italy for their ski holiday but found my blog about three months ago. Richard became addicted to it and talked his friends into coming to Val d’Isere instead and they had a fabulous week skiing with Tansy, and promise to come back soon. Bravo boys!

What a final ten-minutes of rugby last night! England were totally in control, or so we all thought, before a magnificent Welsh comeback. Nail-biting stuff that was! And of course I’m hoping for a West Ham victory over United at Old Trafford. I’m watching it with Man-U-season-ticket-holder Geoff at his place so it should be fun. Stay tuned!

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